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Before 8am

You may have trouble waking Lily. She just wants to stay in bed...don’t we all? Saying ”Do you want to go out“ and ”Do you want breakfast?” usually does the trick. 

Out back for quick pee/poo


  • 1 scoop of kibble

  • If she's not interested in eating you can add the following to entice: scrambled eggs, pork chop pieces, cottage cheese, salmon, or ham babyfood. She has food allergies, so stick to the list.

  • After she eats, it's insulin time, see full instructions here.

AM Walk

Lily generally likes to keep this walk short and to the point. After she poos, she’s anxious to get started on her morning nap. 

Morning Nap

They're so used to being in my office, so they'll likely crash out there. (Keep the blinds closed, we don't want Lily jumping on the couch and hurting herself. 

1:30 Lunch

No meds given for lunchtime

5 pm

Lily loves her 5 pm walk, she'll let you know when it's 5.


Dinner: same as morning food routine, followed by insulin but with the addition of cancer meds wrapped in a pill wrap.  Her after dinner walk tends to be shorter, more business than pleasure. 


  • Take them for a quick pee before you turn in for the night. 

  • Usually, they sleep in bed with us, who knows what they’ll want. 

  • If they stay downstairs, put up the babygate at the bottom of the stairs so that they don’t make a solo climb up.

  • If they want to go up with you, you’ll have to coax them to the stairs, then one at a time, carry them up. Either keep the bedroom door closed or babygate the doorway or stairs so that they don‘t climb down.

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