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Food + Water

Bob has a condition called Mega Esophagus, because of this, he needs to be upright when he eats and for 30 min afterwards. He cannot consume regular water, instead he drinks a thickened version called "Thick-it" and needs to be upright for 10 minutes after consuming.

30 minutes

Bob eats appx. 1/4 cup of food per meal. Portion out on highchair tray for him to gobble up.


Bob needs to be upright for 30 minutes after meals.

10 minutes

Instead of water, Bob drinks Thick-it He needs to be upright for 10 minutes after consuming Thick-it.

What to feed

Bob's kidney failure makes mealtime hit or miss. So I try several different meals to see if there's one he'll like. Examples: Soaked Kibble (1/4 cup) either kind. Primal Pronto Lamb (freezer, 1 scoop), Stella & Chewy Lamb or Duck, Duck, Goose (1.5 patties reconstituted in warm water and drained). If all else fails, you can give him a jar of meat baby food, his faves: chicken or ham, or rotisserie chicken breast and mashed sweet potato.

Don't give him baby food for dinner, it will make him regurgitate during the night

1 hour

If he consumes water, try to give a meal to absorb and a prolonged upright time (like an hour).

NO Beef

He is allergic to beef. If consumed, the results will be like the move The Exorcist.


He takes omeprazole daily. It's divided into shot glasses for you, just sprinkle onto his lunch.


Despite our best efforts regurgitation still happens. Paper towels are in cabinet above his highchair.


no collars

Because of MegaEsophagus, Bob can only wear a harness. He has three: the teal and red ones are smaller and the dark blue is a little larger for days he gets subcutaneous fluids.

no water

Water cannot be left out unless Bob is on a walk or during his upright time. 

Offer water to Cosy & Oscar throughout the day, especially after exercise.


Try to limit barking as it can lead to regurgitation. If he is having difficulties: snorting/coughing sound, stroke his throat in a downward motion and/or push his nose down and back (like making a double chin). 

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