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Insulin dosage 

  • 7 units every 12 hours (after Breakfast and Dinner)

  • Store in fridge

  • Invert vial and draw to 7 mark on syringe

  • Before giving dose, make sure she eats at least some food Note: if she refuses to eat, give 1/2 insulin dose. If she refuses a second meal, call vet. 


How to give injection 

  • Lift up skin at shoulder blades to create "tent" to stick needle in

  • Angle insulin syringe at 45° angle, draw back a small bit to make sure there’s no blood in hub.

  • If there’s blood, you’ve hit a blood vessel and need to pick an alternative site.

  • If there’s no blood, then gently push insulin into subcutaneous space.

  • Tell her she’s a good girl, give her a pat and suggest she come get a treat for being such a good doggy. 

  • Alternate shoulders with each injection.

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